Dating your best friends ex girlfriend or boyfriend - should you go there?

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There are truly numerous high-risk elements that will definitely always and forever be affiliated whilst dating your friends ex lover. Whether it's the right thing to do or not, somebody is certainly going to get hurt, and thus tricky choices may need to be made.

Truth be told, there will always be hot debate as to whether this may be perceived as an act of unfaithfulness, or just part and parcel of a couple moving on. Is dating your friends old flame acceptable play, because to be honest, if somebody has split up with their old flame, not one person has got the right to claim possession or exclusivity over that person - he or she have become single, right! getting together with your friends ex girlfriend or boyfriend rubbing salt straight into the wounds, is this kind of a predicament as cut and dry as 'currently that person is single, it's game on!' When is the timing suitable for you to go where what was once deemed absolutely not allowed?

Aside from the possible fall out you will face directly from your buddy, seeing your buddies old flame has got the possibility of various pit falls folks don't generally take into account or imagine. How about once mutual friends? and showing up to functions where you witness full view of your former mate and good friend with each other and in love. Do you retain the once common friends, or will your ex-mate? Track record will definitely show, that primarily, it can be extremely hard for you and your ex lover to both maintain the same array of pals you at one time shared.

On the other side of the coin, what about the idea of dating any individual who has been recently intimately associated with one of your good friends? Is that tiny sub-conscious voice continually likely to be there in the back of the minds of your friend and your new love interest, will they both sometimes ponder every time they were together, and is there a chance of a re-occurrence of intimacy, or is there a component of fascination that still remains and could the law of gravity find its way in dragging them back together with each other.

Hence sure you have got every right to date your mates old flame, but to achieve this in a deceitful fashion will probably be seen as a distinct signal of a lack of character, but staying open, sincere as well as tactful will give you the best chance of retaining your buddy at the same time.

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Dating your best friends ex girlfriend or boyfriend - should you go there?

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Dating your best friends ex girlfriend or boyfriend - should you go there?

This article was published on 2011/01/10
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