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True friends, how deep a problem ah! The so-called real friends, you say no words can describe not understand what it is like, you always think you are not described in broad, not deep enough. Because I think that is the same friend and lover, the same can penetrate into your heart, share all your feelings, you will not have to conceal them, the most basic you do not want from the bottom of my heart and hide them. I think I can do to be friends.
Whether in life or online, everyone will have friends. What friend? Friend is the friend of people with each other, each other to be good people. Friendship is the purest, the noblest, the most simple and most ordinary feelings, is the most romantic, most touching, most solid and most timeless emotions. Boundless, Red rolling, the mortal beings, the vast sea, friends can meet each other, to come together, understand each other, mutual understanding, mutual approached, it is fate. In the coming and going, everything is separate journey of life, in their different life trajectories, in the heart of the different experiences of the sea, to one another, meet, meet, can be said to be a lucky, fate is not at all times Yes, should cherish the hard-earned edge.
Chatting with Friends together is a mutual recognition, mutual admiration, mutual appreciation, and mutual perception of the process. Each other’s advantages, strengths, highlights, beauty, will be reflected in your mind, panoramic view, even a little bit of valuable friends will be your energy up, and you become the driving force and source of life-long benefit.
Friends are life’s long road to catching each other, each other, accompanied odd. She was brought to the rain when you bored or yelling Xingu, lonely, or sections of song and laughter when the feelings, happy or stirring time of great joy, his day of good pot of cold water. Talk and listen in the perception of friends in affectionate, constantly in communication and contact with handshakes and gratitude. Road, wind and rain of life, friends, wind and cold for you, for your sub-sad, painful and difficult for you to lift, a friend always be the hand of friendship. She is a ladder when you climb, when you hurt a good medicine, she is Money can not buy, only really be able to return the most valuable, most real thing.
Friends are concerned about each other, miss each other, and care about each other, relying on each other. Endless thoughts are like a river, like a gentle breeze in the clouds, like a curl of Xiao residual sound. Sometimes she is also a faint memory, a touch of tea, a touch of sympathy. Friends are like stars in the night sky and the moon, another light, another Star, encourage each other, across each other. Friends that is embedded in the love of silence, not necessarily day meet, forever the hearts interlinked; friends do not have to flatter the virtual Italian, a nod might have intended; sometimes remote relative to light up, enjoying themselves.

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Friends heart, friends love

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This article was published on 2010/10/30