Make Your Best Guy Friend Your Boyfriend

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Are you still wondering how you can convert your best guy friend to your boyfriend? Don't you wish that he could just stop treating you like one of the boys and see you as the lady that you are? How do you take that step from being in a platonic relationship to a romantic one? Before you go ahead and work on getting your best guy friend into your boyfriend, you need to understand that you're treading into a point of no return. The moment that you start treating him as more than a friend, things are bound to change between the two of you. So think this over before you convert our best guy friend to your boyfriend.

And if you're already decided on that, here are a few ideas to help you out.

More than one of the guys

First, you need to give him more special treatment than you would provide your other guy friends. For instance, you want to be more attentive to him and be there for him when he needs you. Be sweeter and nicer to him so that he'll notice that you're not just one of the guys anymore. Giving him special attention will make him think just how great you must be as a girlfriend.

Don't fix his girl troubles

You can't convert your best guy friend to your boyfriend if you keep listening to his dilemmas about dating another girl. If anything that will only make him think that you're comfortable when he talks about other women so he'll just think of you as a friend.

Show him that you're not comfortable about him talking about his worries about other women. Sometimes, it's ok to show that you're a little jealous of those girls he dates because you don't see him as just a friend.

Dress up

Your best guy friend got you filed under the folder for 'Friends' probably because he doesn't see you as a woman. If you dress up and be more feminine, he'll start looking at you in a different light. While you still want to dress for comfort, how about putting some makeup on when you go out with him?

You can also flirt with him a little to tell him that you're interested in something more. The good thing about being his friend first is that you probably know what it is about ladies that attract him the most. Convert your best guy friend to your boyfriend by being the kind of woman that he likes.

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Make Your Best Guy Friend Your Boyfriend

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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