Thank You, My Dear Friend

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The true friend will be happy for you when you succeed. When you encounter misfortune or sorrow in your life, your friends will give you support and encouragement timely. And when you make mistakes, they will give you the right advice and help.

When you miss friends, it is often in snow world, and the pieces of snowflake just like the letters from friends and the greetings of friends, going with the wind in the brows. Time flies, it is just like a black dragon surfing on the snow, sometimes flying in the abyss, sometimes rushing into the sky, id your friends see it, they will sing and dance with the snow happily. It is a kind of beautiful enjoyment for missing friends, because all the loneliness has turned into a unparalleled beauty at this time.

When you miss friends, it is like to walk quietly in the vast wilderness sometimes. Occasionally when you look into the gray-blue sky and see a group of geese crying in the "human" shape, flying to the distant horizon leisurely. At this time, you may think that the swallow relies on the friendship and the team work to go over the vast desert, go through the mountains and forests and fly to the warm and wet home. At this time, you will remember your missing friend and remember the road you have walked with friends, years ago, you may walk hand in hand in the wilderness with the moonlight, and finally you are out of the wilderness at the dawn, so your friendship will be retained in the heart. So when you see the birds fly by every time, you will always firmly believe to go out of the long and lonely desert and wilderness.

Do you still remember your old friends? Are you very familiar with each other but you gradually reducing the contact with each other in the long lives? What make us gradually forget each other? As the Thanksgiving Day is coming, so let us go back to the good life previously!

Do you think of what thanksgiving gift to buy to your good friends? In fact, even the simple silk scarves will also make your friends happy, because what they care about more is the heart, which will help you continue your friendship.
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Thank You, My Dear Friend

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This article was published on 2010/10/18